May is Mental Health Awareness Month and as we close out this month let us not overlook the importance of maintaining our mental health. Many business owners face increasing on-the-job stress, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. According to a 2022 report from, of those surveyed, 33% have experienced burnout, 31% have been unable to take time off, or a vacation, and 41% say their stress level has significantly increased.  Workplace burnout is a growing issue.  As women entrepreneurs we are always trying to balance the stress of life. We must learn this skill because our calendars can be a source of joy and stress; a client in the morning, two afternoon calls and a nieces soccer game in the evening….and that’s just a Tuesday. Tomorrow may look different!  With all the juggling life takes today, do you ever feel yourself struggling with some of the symptoms below?

·         Staying focused

·         Paying attention

·         Hyperactivity

·         Impulse control

·         Time management

These are common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD. During childhood boys are more commonly diagnosed but that’s because girls who show the same traits often go untested. This space is where a lot of women find themselves.  Women not tested in childhood develop coping skills that don’t always translate well into adulthood. Fortunately, there are lifestyle supports to help manage the stress caused by ADHD. Women can seek help in the form of professional organizers, ADHD specialists, friends, and family.

It can be a challenge to find a solution that best fits everyone’s needs.  While digital or online mental health services can be helpful, it’s important to do background research first. Ensure that the app or website is accredited or supported by a recognized health care professional or entity. Any service should also provide a range of options to support individuals at every level. Making mental health a priority and providing solutions that can help address the issue will go a long way to making everyone happy and healthier in the workplace.


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